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FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring and Data Collection

Real Time Data

FactoryWiz can stream a whole host of data from your machines. What data, depends on the machine / control type, so check out the Machine Connections page to find out more.

Information that FactoryWiz can get automatically, with no human input:

  • Machine Status (running / idle / alarm / turned off)
  • Alarm Messages
  • Active Program
  • Part Counter
  • Feed Override Dials
  • Cycle Time
All of the information above is then stored into the database. All time stamping is done by the machine.

We always promote our customers to put up large dashboard displays. Whether it's one 50" screen or 9 screens combined to create a data wall. Visual performance graphics and digital manufacturing often yield the most success for our customers.

There is no limit to the number of dashboards you can install.

Visual Manufacturing = Smart Manufacturing

OEE Report
Simple Uptime
Cycle Times
Day by Hour

Historical Analysis

FactoryWiz makes it easy for you to see how well your factory is performing and highlights where improvements can be made.
Configure the system to send you daily / weekly / monthly productivity reports via email. Use the productivity browser to drill down into production metrics.

Operator Tablet Input

Why is my machine idle?

Have the operator use their tablet attached to their machine to let you know why their machine isn't running.

From the tablet the operator can:

  • What job they are running (you can take this from the ERP).
  • Sign onto the system to let you know who's running the machine.
  • Why the machine is idle.
  • Is the machine in Production or Setup.
  • View their machines performance metrics.
  • Send programs to the machine using the DNC interface.

In short, the tablet is used to capture the data neither you, your ERP or the machine know.

API and ERP Integration

FactoryWiz is an open system, which means it can communicate with various other systems such as an ERP system.
Data access methods available to all customers:

  • .Net API in the form of a DLL.
  • Web based SOAP XML API.
  • ODBC - Great for connecting to Power BI, Excel and Access.
  • Direct communication with the FW Database.

How does it work?
Typically we have a service watching a unique ID for the live job, for example a Works Order Number and Operation number. When the operator clocks onto the new job on either the ERP or FactoryWiz, this is the trigger to pass whatever data we want between the two systems.

Can FactoryWiz communicate with my ERP System?
Yes!!! FactoryWiz can communicate with any ERP System providing the ERP System can also communicate with other systems. In this day and age almost all ERP systems have a way of communicating.