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Machine Monitoring and
Data Collection

FactoryWiz Machine Monitoring and Data Collection

What is FactoryWiz and DNC?

FactoryWiz is an Industrial IOT system that is comprised of two systems, Machine Monitoring software and DNC software. They can run as one or individually.

FactoryWiz Monitoring: FactoryWiz manufacturing software will collect data from various machines, show your production data / machine metrics in real-time and allow for historical analysis. Features include:

  • Web based system, either local on premise or cloud based.
  • Can connect to all machine types (CNC / PLC / Robot / Manual Machinery) using our own advanced protocols.
  • Unlimited users and dashboards (no extra cost).
  • Open system - Full API and database access for integrating with ERP / MRP / MES systems and others.
We promote the use or large screen displays.

FactoryWiz DNC will securely transfer NC programs to and from all types of CNC Machines. It will: